Monday 05th December 2016,
  • Asiko 2016 at the main stelae field of the ancient Axum empire. Photo by Erin M Rice

    Àsìkò 2016

    Àsìkò 2016 is live in Addis Ababa! This marks the first time the programme will engage with the history and culture of Ethiopia, the only country in Africa that has not been colonised.


The 6th edition of the Àsìkò International Art Programme is taking place from June 27th to July 30th, 2016. Please stay tuned for the announcement of public events, or contact if you would like [...]

Zoe Whitley 18.2.14_02
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Zoe Whitley is a London-based curator. In 2013 she joined the curatorial team at Tate Britain, as a Curator of Contemporary British Art where she works on acquisitions and oversees the monthly programme of artists’ film and [...]