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Adebowale Tyna

Adebowale Tyna

Lives and work in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.
Tyna Adebowale is a visual artist, whose interest in art is focused on making political statement with her site-specific photography, installations and as well as solving social issues in her paintings as it affects women, children and the society at large.
Adebowale grew up in the hills of Kukuruku, Igarra, Edo state, where she had her primary and secondary school education. Her in-born artistic talent was encouraged by her mother; who is also an artist, though without any formal art training.

As an artist, she has been actively involved in art programmes, exhibitions, workshops and conferences. She owns and runs Tyna Adebowale Studio, where she also tutors young, aspiring artists.

In 2000, Adebowale enrolled in the department of Painting and General Arts, School of Art and Design, Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo state, where she obtained her Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in 2003. In 2004, she went back for her Higher National Diploma (HND) and graduated in 2005 in the same institution.

Adebowale is deeply influenced by her immediate community/surrounding, environment and its people, the politics as well as social lifestyle of peoples. This has propelled her into making political statements, using photography in some of her art projects like: ‘Borderless Edges’, that documents the aftermath of the reoccurring bomb blasts and religious crisis in her country, The Vortex, a project documenting the effects of an Abuja ghetto community, lifestyle, the health hazard on the habitants life. Works of the impressionist movement, the cubists as well as mosaics are a major influence in her paintings. These art movements and technique is evident in her several art experiments as well as the development and growth of her preferred technique and style of painting-Mosaics on Canvass.

She is a versatile artist, whose major medium of expression in her paintings is Oil on Canvass as well as other painting mediums like watercolour, gouache, pencil and pastels. An artist with considerable number of commissions, her works are found in and outside the shores of Nigeria.

STATEMENT: “My art is a working project on a continuous internal and external quest to break new grounds in art creativity, researches, discoveries, and even inventions. This is the unending quest I seek. Daily, I crave for anything art and I plan to remain very relevant in times to come. My art is dynamic as it is unpredictable”-TYNA ADEBOWALE 2011

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