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Andrea Stultiens

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Andrea Stultiens

Andrea Stultiens (Roermond, NL, 1974) studied photography at Utrecht School of the Arts (BFA) and Post St. Joost Breda (MFA). She received an MA in Photographic Studies from Leiden University/Royal Academy of Art. Not completely comfortable with being called a photographer or artist, she rather mentions simply doing things with photographs. She collects and makes them, and thoughtfully writes about their possible uses for understanding the ways that we present ourselves and try to represent others. Stultiens has published several photobooks, and exhibits her work internationally.

Since 2007, her work is particularly produced in Uganda, and largely in Africa in general. Stultiens initiated the platform “History In Progress, Uganda” in 2011, in order to collect and share historical photographs from Uganda to crowdsource information and to see if these photographs can be used to nuance historiographical endeavors.

Andrea Stultiens teaches for the BFA Photography Program at the Royal Academy of Art and the design department of Academy Minerva in Groningen. She is also a scholar connected to the research group Art in Context.

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