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ASIKO (time)

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By: Mulenga Mulenga


Looking at the sky my mind drifts away back home.

What am I doing here a small voice within me asks?

How long has it been since I left home?

How much time has it been?

It’s must be that time that has brought me here in Maputo in is time

Time, time, time

So much as been learnt in is space of time I have been in Asiko (time)

Will time tell if I have learnt at all in time?

Or will it be this time that I realize that I have been behind time.

I should be a flower of all times

Time, time, time

With a small amount of it one can choose to learn, reflect, understand, cry, and go on and on…

Because they have been doing what is in the past of time or maybe in time.

To be in time, to be out of time, to be ahead of time

Whatever time it is,

It must be a learning time, Asiko

Until kingdom come!





Photo: Nancy Mteki

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