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By: Mapopa Hussein Manda

Starting off from Zambia to go to the airport, marking my debut departure from Zambia for the first time and it had to be Maputo, Mozambique. If it wasn’t for the Asiko art workshop, l would still be in Zambia.
The workshop was to last four weeks and was themed  ‘a history of contemporary art in Maputo’. For me, in particular, the idea of participating in the workshop was very important as an artist because it was the first art residence I was participating in and a way to find guidance and direction with my line of work. We had our first workshop session at a place called Nucleo d’arte and it was an awesome starting point for our workshop because the venue is an artist hub that has a gallery, restaurant and artist studios: a dream come true venue for an artist like me.
We got to a point of understanding what decolonisation really means and the aesthetics involved in transmitting it as a visual artist in relation to my work.
What a lovely combination of facilitators that Asiko has given us and I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge they came with and freely shared with us as artists and curators in the workshop.
Many thanks to Bisi Silva and the entire CCA Lagos members of staff for giving us a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime as our art and curatorial practices have now begun to transgress as the Asiko International art workshop continues!

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