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Bojana Piškur

Bojana Piškur

Bojana Piškur was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She graduated with a major in Art History from the University of Ljubljana, and received her PhD at the Institute for Art History at the Charles University in Prague, the Czech Republic, in 2005. She works as a Senior Curator in the Moderna Galerija / Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana (MG+MSUM). Her main theme of research is experimental art contexts, concepts, forms, and relations, in wider social environment. Bojana is a member of the Radical Education Collective.

Exhibition Selection of her curatorial work:

Krištof Kintera, It won’t be better, Galerija Škuc Ljubljana, 2001; Olafur Eliasson, The Structural  Evolution Project, Moderna galerija Ljubljana, 2001; Slaven Tolj, 11.09.2001, Moderna galerija Ljubljana, 2002; Laura Lima, Costumes, Moderna galerija Ljubljana, 2002; Walking (Artur Barrio, Jože Barši & Bojana Piškur, Dean Ivandić, Pavel Mrkus, Miloš Šejn), Galerija Škuc Ljubljana, 2002; Tobias Putrih, Moderna galerija, 2003; a series of sound events, exhibitions, performances, lectures: Oscillations, 30 days of sound, Moderna galerija, 2005; Conversations (with Ricardo Basbaum, Rio de Janeiro), Galerija Škuc, 2006; Mapping / Archiving / Analysing Defunct Spaces of Art, Moderna galerija Ljubljana, 2006; Museum in the Street (with Zdenka Badovinac), Moderna galerija Ljubljana,   2008; 2000+ Arteast (with Zdenka Badovinac), UG Maribor, 2008; Encounter on Radical education, Škuc gallery, 2008; Tomislav Gotovac, Gone with the Wind, Moderna galerija Ljubljana, 2009; This is all film, experimental film in Yugoslavia from 1951 to 1991 Moderna galerija (with A. Janevski, J. Meden, S. Vuković), 2010; Museum of Affects (with B. Mari, T. Grandas, B. de Baere, L. de Backer), MSUM, 2011; Present and Presence (with Z. Badovinac, I. Španjol), MSUM, 2012.

In 2006, Bojana initiated a collective called the ”Radical Education.” The collective organized a series of events such as Spaces in becoming, an Encounter on radical education, a conference Radical Education in 2009, as well as various seminars, talks, debates, research (Workers Inquiry), and smaller scale exhibitions related to the topic (

Bojana Piškur has written for various magazines, catalogues, books and web journals: Aletheia (Belo Horizonte, Brazil); Praesens (Budapest, Hungary); Flash Art (Prague); Arhitext (Bucharest, Romania);  Život umjetnosti (Zagreb, Croatia); Newspaper of the platform “What is to be done” (Moscow, Russia); Maska (Ljubljana); tropico (Sao Paulo, Brazil); edu-factory, 27 Bienal de Sao Paulo guide; was co-editor of an “Activism/Art/Spectacle” issue of Journal for the Criticism of  Science, Imagination and New Anthropology (Ljubljana, Slovenia); co-editor of the text New Public Spaces: Dissensual Political and Artistic Practices in the post-Yugoslav Contex (Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht and Radical Education Collective); Magazine of Laboratories des Aubervilliers (Paris); Manifesta journal, La Internationale book, Lokavidya Jan Andolan (Varanasi).

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