Friday 19th July 2019,

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A Trip to Toubab Dialaw in Photos by Ndubuisi Nduwhite Ahanonu

One week after, at ASIKO 2014, i am discovering new talent in me…i have always known that there is a photographer inside this my big head, check out some of my series with light and space…maybe my first show as [...]

May 19, 2014 Blog

Asiko is Now

By: Bisi Silva Asiko enters its third week tomorrow and I am excited as the new set of facilitators – Simone Leigh, Nana Offoriatta-Ayim, Rashida Bumbray and later in the week Aura Seikkula – begin work. The first two weeks [...]

May 19, 2014 Blog

Week 2: Experiments in Materiality

By: Moses Serubiri Medium: Video; sound; Found object installation with wax fabric and candles; Performance. Size: approx. 1’50” video; approx. 1 meter high found objects. Participating artists and curators—of the Asiko Art School—were assigned to make a collective art work [...]

May 17, 2014 Blog
The Asiko group with Wangechi Mutu and Rosana Paulino

Letters FROM DAKAR #2

By: Tito Valery   Already 1 week has gone by. its  been quick. Very quick. one week since i landed at Leopold SS Airport and picked up by my brother Tony Aseh. its also been one week since i saw [...]

May 12, 2014 Blog
Dakar's Piscine Olympique: Home to ASIKO for the next 5 weeks.  Photo credit: Erin Rice

Asiko Art Programme: An Introduction

The desire for exchange across borders to explore possibilities outside of one’s familiar environment incessantly nags at me. I arrived in Dakar, Senegal selected amongst a group of 14 personalities from Cameroun, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Benin, Botswana and Mali to [...]

May 9, 2014 Blog


This page carries the reflections of the participants during and after the programme. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- ‘Where trees watch over men’ by Karuti Jacqie The creation of the world happens continuously Everything dies into a new birth Everything is born into a [...]

April 2, 2014 Blog
Library Orientation with Bisi Silva (Photo by Taiye Idahor)

History/ Matter International Art Progrmme

Center for Contemporary Art Lagos. On Tuesday the 1st of May the Center for Contemporary Art Lagos began its second international art programme, with artists and curators from different continents facilitating the programme at different times. The four weeks intensive [...]

April 2, 2014 Blog