Saturday 21st September 2019,

Crista Uwase

Cris U

Born on the 4th  of July 1988 Uwase is a self taught Collage artist based in Kigali, Rwanda

Being a female artist in my country is something people will not understand easily. With so much surprise, they ask how it is possible for a woman to be an artist. They believe that it is only males who can be artists. It has been so challenging for me to work in a male dominated environment but I no matter how many times I was welcomed with negative comments and stereotypes I did not give up.

 I began using paper to create art after facilitating at a workshop in 2013. I have fallen in love with the process and have incorporated paper in my work ever since. All my works are painted with bits of torn paper instead of paint. The artworks are usually composed of many layers of torn paper and are formed from various colours, textures, weight and types of paper. Though the process is very challenging, you don’t know when order comes in a chaotic work you are working on. In order to create the desired effect, you keep adding more layers of paper by adding or subtracting tonal values. The good thing about collage is; it has no rules. Collage is fun.

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