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Kelvin Haizel

Kelvin Haizel

Kelvin Haizel (b. 1987) graduated with a BFA (Painting) degree from the college of Art and Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in 2010. Greater part of his growing up has been in intensely communal spaces; coming from a large family and haven been sent to boarding school at the young age of about 11. In both communities (home and school) the place of the individual was profoundly reticent and communal at the same time. Consequently his artistic practice is a way of navigation the place of the individual as part of a community and as a community onto oneself; which is largely due to postcolonial construction of spaces.

He uses installations, mixed media and performance as an entry point for conversations into our individual and collective socio-religious heritage. Through these conversations he revisits his own nostalgia growing in dense communities, as well as find answers to present dogmas “we” are “supposed” to accommodate due to “our” orientation.

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