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Kibrom Gebremedhin

Kibrom Gebremedhin

Kibrom Gebremedhin (born 1984) is an Artist and Art Educators based in Addis Ababa. Starting from 2008 he works as a lecturer at the Alle school of Fine Arts and Design in the department of Art Education which he coordinate for the last five years as a chair, He is now affiliated on the masters program at A.A.U. in fine arts which he will be finishing in June. As a person who grows up in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and also had a three semesters of Theology Course at Holy Trinity Theology College, most of Kibrom’s art Work influenced by on the thought and practice of the Church, he also interested on the idea of daily social life experience into his work that his observe in his environments reflecting in different medias. He uses mainly oil painting and also he used drawing, photography, videos and sound and currently he is working on 2d animation for his graduation final show to reflect on the memories of his personal and community particularly on the memory of loss in so many layers.

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