Wednesday 23rd October 2019,

Mercy Moyo


“Art is in my DNA”. Mercy Moyo is a painter, sculptor and photography. She studied at the Peter Birch School of Art and Design and the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Art Studios in 2003.

As a child she would sit next to my grandmother and observe her weave baskets that she would sell in the marketplace to get money for the family. She was fascinated and reveled in the fact that each and every basket was different even though the materials and colors were the same. The more she made them the more creative she became – these baskets were a significant part of her life inspiring Mercy so she could become a better artist.

Mercy exhibited at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe many times. In addition, her work has been included in shows in the Czech Republic, Finland, South Africa, and the United States. She is the first woman artist to win the National Arts Merit Award for two-dimensional work in Zimbabwe (2006) and she has participated in a number of local and international residency.

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