Saturday 21st September 2019,

Portia Zvavahera

Portia Zvavahera

Using painting and printmaking as media Portia interprets that which she depicts from her dreams, life experiences in comforting and irritating moments. Her work serves as a personal diary. Portia mainly depict her dreams which she hardly forgets. She expresses herself through painting and printmaking relieving her off the burden which she carries when she does not put it across visually which serves as a healing process and to other people.  Portia wants people to know that there are spiritual battles in life and that there is always someone wishing you bad luck whilst you try to make things happen in your life.

She always encourages people to have a positive mindset, to start seeing things in a positive way because we are conquerors in every situation. We cannot do without God because he gave us power to create and change situations in life.

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