Wednesday 23rd October 2019,



By Serah Chibombwe and Crista Uwase

After having a wonderful time at an exhibition by an Ethiopian artist, Tamerat, we decided to look for a restaurant that has a variety of food because we were getting tired of Injera and hadn’t eaten “proper food”since we came here. With the help of two ladies we were with at an exhibition in kazanchise, Addis Ababa,  Papa (Uganda), Onyis (Kenya), Erin (USA), Crista (Rwanda), Nyakallo (South Africa) and I, Serah (Zambia) went to the chic restaurant called Romina but Papa and Onyis wanted something more so they left the restaurant and we girls stayed. Since it was getting late, we asked the waiter to pack our food. We left the restaurant to look for a taxi that would take us to, YEKA GUEST HOUSE where we stayed. Erin tried to negotiate with the taxi driver but we couldn’t understand each other due to language barrier. Then a young man from nowhere approached Erin and started forcing an American accent trying to speak to her. He claimed to want to help but he was being too inquisitive and touchy making us feel so uncomfortable. We eventually decided to just start walking up the road hoping to find a more reasonable taxi but the minute we did that this guy started to yell at us while he crossed the road to the other side, calling us all sorts of names but what really surprised us was when he said “you niggers” Crista asked him “aren’t you a nigger too?” and the guy aggressively responded saying “NO!! I AM ETHIOPIAN” with this reaction it got us thinking isn’t Ethiopia in Africa? Why should a fellow African feel more superior than others? What does it mean to be African? How many of such people do we have around the continent? It makes me wonder.

Crista and I couldn’t get over this statement and we kept on asking ourselves so many questions and we thought we throw it to the public.

When do we stand together as a continent? What’s African? What’s Ethiopian? Does it really matter?

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