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Both a visual artist and performer, Mady Sima explores the social relationship of workers in spaces of production. In his work, he looks at how individuals utilize space for various modes of production, and his work is influenced by his observations of marketplace conditions, such as abundance, consumption and recycling.

After obtaining a Bachelors degree, Mady Sima joined the Department of Cultural Training and Research, Plastic Arts at the National School of Art in Senegal in 2005. After four years of good standing, Sima obtained a Masters of Fine Art with Good Mention in 2009.

Mady Sima often animates workshops with children, young people in painting, drawing, manual works and collage, in schools and cultural centres, such as Human Appeals international, Foundation Friedrich Naumann, Atelier Fer et Verre, Village des Arts (Art Village).

He has participated in many exhibitions, workshop, 2014, international art festival in Bamako at “Soleil d’Afrique” Clark seminar and Global Critics : The Archives, Static, Embodied, practice, for the 3rd International Art Programm, (Accra), Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos Dossiers de Candidature à l’immigration” à l’IFAN, 2008; Project « Tambacounda- Genève-Dakar » (TGD), IFAN, 2008; Graduation Exhibition of the National School of Arts at the National Gallery, 2010; Group exhibition at Foundation Friedrich Naumann for Freedom, 2012; Workshop / Forum for « Liberty and National Questions, 2012; Workshop / Résident with TANG MUSEUM artists from New York, 2012; Wall Mural at West African Research Center (WARC) , 2012; Biennale Dak’Art 2012, collective painting with professor Teemu Maki from Finland at Espace Vema.

Mady Sima lives and works in Dakar, Sénégal.

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