Friday 19th July 2019,

way to think (LEARNING FROM OTHER)


By: David Makala

Meeting people from different countries at the fortress in Maputo, Mozambique has been a wonderful learning experience that leaves me with a few words to say or write about ASIKO…ASIKO…ASIKO…, what shall I say?  The best way to tell an African story is by living that African life.

Located at a very historical point in Maputo at a place called Fortaleza (fortress in English), bearing in mind that the fortress in itself has become a very important source of inspiration to me as an artist participating in the Asiko International Art Workshop. This makes me realise that each country that we come from is a fort knowledge and wisdom to our feet as we tread on this bright future.

For those who endeavor to give the African art a bright future, for example what Olabisi Silva is currently doing with the Asiko project, I urge them to keep the fire burning and I will continue to hold the torch with them, because I am a proponent of their belief system and what they try to represent in relation to the visual arts and curatorial projects, and to all this I say ,A luta continua!’


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